I’m glad you’re here.

Writing is not a passion for me, or a burning obsession. It’s simply where I feel most myself.

I was a reader long before I became a writer. I’ve adored romance ever since I was a young teenager living in the New Jersey suburbs, where Jane Eyre and Rebecca were my favorites. Thirty-some years later, on the east bank of the Mississippi River, those books still live on my bookshelf, dog-eared and well-loved.

My library now includes romances of all kinds: contemporary, historic, thriller, straight, LGBTQ+, and rom-coms. If people are loving people, I’m in! My debut romance novel was published by NineStar Press.

Did It All Before Releases June 28, 2021!

Award-winning photojournalist Scott Rowe is struggling with the physical injuries and emotional scars caused by the terrorist attack that killed his interpreter, Omran Saleh. A long succession of doctors and surgeons have put his body back together, but to Scott, his mind seems beyond repair. Panic attacks ambush his days, and nightmares haunt his fitful sleep. He can’t bring himself to touch his broken camera, let alone consider returning to work. His only sanctuary is the darkroom, where he can escape the secret he carries surrounding Omran’s death.

Dr Jason Andrews is determined to bring Scott back from the brink. His alternative healing methods are like nothing Scott has ever seen, and at first, Scott feels foolish lying on Jason’s table with hot rocks in his hands or acupuncture needles in his skin. But one thing keeps Scott coming back: the detailed visions that appear like movies in his mind, of himself in other times, cultures, and continents, and Jason himself, whose relentless hope steers them through the storms of Scott’s recovery.

As his health improves, Scott begins to wonder what his visions mean. Are they vivid daydreams, figments of his exhausted mind? And why does he only have these visions when he is with Jason?

Scott hopes the answers will give him a reason to make peace with Omran’s death and begin to truly live again, instead of merely surviving. But what if they also give him a reason to love?

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