Did It All Before: Jason’s Playlist

Dr Jason Andrews uses tools to help Scott through his journey of healing and grief. While under his care as a patient, there are hot rocks, crystals, a float tank, and a particularly useful feather. After Scott’s treatment ends, the two become friends, and Jason reaches out with a truly magical tool when Scott is having a rough day: music!

Scott’s stuck waiting at an airport to board a delayed flight, which causes his anxiety to flare up. Here’s the playlist Jason sends him, and surprise, it’s not the kind of music Scott would have expected.

I loved picking songs for this playlist; it was a valuable exercise in expanding Jason’s character with something unexpected, and it was fun to build a body of music that I could picture him using for footie workouts or mood lifters.

I recently saw a video where Mahershala Ali described using different playlists to help him find his characters when he was playing four roles at the same time. He used music as the gateway to enter the world of each specific character, to ground himself in their world. I use playlists when writing for the same reason. The mood, tone, lyrics, and rhythm of particular music can get me to the creative mindset of a written piece better than just about anything else.

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